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Emergency Medicine Training & Practice in Canada: Celebrating the Past & Evolving for the Future

Created on Wednesday, 22 January 2014. Posted in HHR/Reports

... and have evolved to meet population needs differently than their initially intended roles as outlined by the two colleges, leading to substantial debate within the Canadian EM community. Project Parameters: ...

HealthyDebate: Integrating Physician Assistants in Canada

Created on Monday, 09 December 2013. Posted in News/Latest News

... provider at the lowest cost.” Available on the healthydebate website.  ...

Webinar (March 3) Psychiatry Workforce- Meeting the Needs: More Psychiatrists or role clarification?

Created on Thursday, 07 November 2013. Posted in News/Latest News

...    Can't find a psychiatrist? Here's why     Download the podcast and power point ...

Why has the Canadian Federal Government Placed an Orphan Drug Strategy on the Decision Agenda Now?

Created on Thursday, 06 June 2013. Posted in Ongoing Research/HHR Planning

... Montreal Gazette, MacLean’s Magazine and Government Publications and Documents. Results 117 articles were found in the LexisNexis and Factiva Search. 110 debate transcripts were found in the Parliament ...

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