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1 A Pocosa analysis of the nurse practitioners deployment in Canada (2017) 1949
2 The Value of Expanded Pharmacy Services in Canada 293
3 Health Workforce Policies in OECD Countries: Right jobs, Right Skills, Right Places 288
4 Mythbuster:Working in Interprofessional Teams Increases Legal Liability Risks for Physicians 2925
5 Introducing Physician Assistants into the Ontario Healthcare Workforce: Health Reform Analysis 1971
6 Creating the Health Care Team of the Future: The Toronto Model for Interprofessional Education... 1397
7 From Innovation to Action: The First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group 1312
8 Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice 1704
9 The "ROI" in "Team": Return on investment analysis framework, indicators and data for IPC and IPE 2350
10 Nurses in Advanced Roles: A Description and Evaluation of Experiences in 12 Developed Countries 1044
11 Evidence Synthesis for the Effectiveness of Interprofessional Teams in Primary Care 762
12 Liability Risks in Interdisciplinary Care- Thinking Outside the Box 727
13 Measuring the Missed Opportunity 778
14 Barriers to Successful Interprofessional Teams 1300
15 Current Knowledge About Interprofessional Teams in Canada 937
16 A Neglected Resource: Transforming Healthcare Through Human Capital 907
17 The Evolving Role of Health Care Aides in the Long-Term Care and Home and Community Care Sectors 1325
18 Collective Competence: Thinking Differently About Competence to Improve Healthcare 2719
19 Feminization of the Physician Workforce: Implications for Health Human Resource Planning 2244

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