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1 Telegraph (June, 22): Paramedic project`s `busy`start 38
2 CBCNews (June, 22): Sudbury paramedics facing more overtime, missed meals since 2013 47
3 Globe and Mail (June 20): McGill to step up efforts for diversity 31
4 The Coast (June 15): Mental Health of Front-Line Health Care Workers 15
5 CBC NB (June 15) Nursing Homes Investigate Growing Staff Shortages 31
6 CHPCA (June 5): Palliative care stakeholder groups delighted by passage of C-277 at 3rd Reading 33
7 Canadian Nurse (June 2017): Federal Budget Removes one of the Legislative Barriers to NP Practice 25
8 June 6: Government of Canada Invests in CAMH-led Mental Health Initiative in Correctional Facilities 47
9 Global News (May 31) Nova Scotia election: Here’s what Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have promised 38
10 Telegram (May 31): Psychiatric nursing would improve N.L. health care, says Alberta RPN 53
11 WHO (June 30) Call for expression of interests WHO Guideline on Community Based He 50
12 CBC News (May 29) Province's 1st registered midwife on duty and tackling challenges 48
13 IRPP Policy Options (May 29): Recognizing the worth of natural caregivers 46
14 Healthy Debate (May 25): Medical residency mismatch: number of unmatched Canadian medical grads... 56
15 CBC News (May 25): Indigenous maternal health program aims to address inequality of health care 51
16 CBC Hamilton (May 21): Pressure on Hamilton paramedics rising as city's senior population grows 23
17 CNW(May 23):Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg launch new mental health program 52
18 CBCNews (May, 23): Expanded roles for paramedics being considered by N.L. health minister 49
19 The Globe and Mail (May,23): Better health care means fixing bureaucratic failings 58
20 CBCNews (May 18) 'There is such a need': new doctor grads want to find solutions to rural shortages 37

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