CHHRN-CIHI Library: 2017 Publications/Reports

Here are the latest health workforce related publications for 2017:

CHHRN-CIHI HHR Library Publications/Reports :

 Title of Publication/Report

 Ontario Nurses' Association

 Violence prevention progress report a step in the right direction to protect Ontario health-care workers

Goedhart N S, Van Oostveen C J, Vermeulen H  The effect of structural empowerment of nurses on quality outcomes in hospitals: a scoping review
 Soles T L, Wilson C R, Oandasan I F
 Family medicine education in rural communities as a health service intervention supporting recruitment and retention of physicians
 Wenghofer E F, Hogenbirk J, Timony P E  Impact of the rural pipeline in medical education: Practice locations of recently graduated family physicians in Ontario
 Mowat S, Reslerova M, Sisler J  Retention in a 10-year cohort of internationally trained family physicians licensed in Manitoba
 Witt J  Physician recruitment and retention in Manitoba: Results from a survey of physicians' preferences for rural jobs
 White D
 Indigenous health: Time for action | La santé autochtone : Passons à l’action
 Paul R, Martimianakis M A T, Johnstone J, McNaughton N, Austin Z  Internationally educated health professionals in Canada: Navigating three policy subsystems along the pathway to practice
 Koehler T, Brown A
 Documenting the evolution of the relationship between the pharmacy support workforce and pharmacists to support patient care
 Orrantia E, St Amand S  Establishing and growing the scope of practice of physician assistants
 Schindel T J, Yuksel N, Breault R, Varnhagen S, Hughes C A  Perceptions of pharmacists' roles in the era of expanding scopes of practice
 Amanullaha S, McNallyb K, Zelinb J, Coleb J, Cernovskyc Z  Are burnout prevention programs for hospital physicians needed?
 Park C S-Y  Optimizing staff, quality, and cost in home healthcare nursing: Theory synthesis 
 British Colombia Medical Association  Doctors helping doctors- Stories from the physician health program
 Alameddine M, Baumann A, Onate K, Crea M, Arnaout N E, Deber R  Job stickiness of young nurses in Ontario: Does the employer organization participation in the Nursing Graduate Guarantee initiative make a difference?
 Regan et al.  Starting out: Qualitative perspectives of new graduate nurses and nurse leaders on transition to practice
 Osborn H A et al.  Primary care specialty career choice among Canadian medican students
Keegan D A, Scott I, Sylvester M, Tan A, Horrey K, Weston W W   Shared Canadian curriculum in family medicine (SHARC-FM) 

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