CHWC 2016 Student Activities

group students 2Calling all Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Students!! 

The Canadian Health Workforce Planning Committee welcomed all graduate students,  post-doctoral students and new health workforce researchers to join the following CHWC 2016 student activities. 

  • Student Primer 
  • Student Social 
  • Student Career Panel 
  • Student Competition          

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CHWC 2016 Lynda Buske Student Award Winners

With generous contribution from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and the Canadian Post-MD Education Registry (CAPER) and on behalf of the CHWC 2016 Planning Committee, we are pleased to congratulate the following winners of the CHWC 2016 Lynda Buske Student Award competition.

 CHWC 2016 S Simkin

Sarah Simkin is a graduate student in the MSc (Health Systems) program at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. She is studying end-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario, under the supervision of Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault and Dr. Simone Dahrouge. Dr. Simkin also continues her clinical work as a family physician with enhanced skills training in anesthesia.

Did retirement behaviours of primary care physicians change after the global financial crisis of 2008? The answer to this question is: probably not. Research is ongoing in an effort to clarify how various factors influence end-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario.

CHWC 2016 T Cleland

Tricia Cleland Silva is originally from Canada and has been living and studying in Helsinki, Finland since 2006.  She recently published her PhD in the department of management and organization at Haken School of Economics. The PhD monograph documents the active

recruitment and placement of 75 Filipino nurses by Finnish private and public organizations during the years 2007-2010. This private, active recruitment of internationally educated nurses was the first in Finnish history. The thesis is critical of international human resources management (IHRM) as

discipline and practice, and discursively analyses structural and societal issues of control and compliance of the historically gendered and racialised occupation of nursing. Furthermore, the transnational processes and movement of human capital from the Philippines to Finland is discussed in terms of (re)producing managerial practices of nurse work which create barriers to equality in the workplace. She will defended her thesis on November 26th 2016.

Her external examiner was Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault.  Tricia has a position as a university lecturer at Hanken where she teaches human resources management at the bachelor level and strategic international human resource management and gender, management and organization at the master level.

Student Primer

  • The student primer offers an informal introduction to health workforce. This roundtable discussion, featuring leaders in the field, will orient students to the terminology and concepts of health human resources as well as the context and challenges of the health workforce in Canada and abroad.


Student Social

All students are invited to join us for an evening of good company and great conversation to unwind after a thought-provoking day at the 2016 CHWC. Come meet your colleagues, create new networks, and share in a light appetizer spread provided by the CHWC Student Group. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. More details to follow.


Location: D'Arcy Mcgees on 44 Sparks Street

Date: Tuesday October 4th 2016

Time: 5:35pm-6:50pm

Student Career Panel

  • The student career panel will consist of individuals who are working in positions related to health human resources.  The purpose of the panel is to provide student participants with an idea of what career options are available to them in the future should they choose health human resources as a field of study.  The panel will consist of individuals representing Academia, Health Policy, Professional Associations and Post-Doctorate.  The panel will start with each panelist providing a 5-minute presentation on their career path followed by questions asked by the moderator and the audience.  This event is open to all students regardless of registration!

Student Competition

  • For this year’s conference we invite all students planning on attending the conference to enter a student competition.  Interested students will be asked to submit a one-page write-up on why they are attending the conference and how they feel it will enhance their development of a career in health human resources.  Winning submissions will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with a mentor in the health human resources field. They will have the opportunity to meet their mentor at the conference dinner which will be paid for by the CHWC committee.  This event is open to only those students who will be registered for the conference.   

Myuri Manogaran Lead Coordinator for the CHWC 2016 Student Activities Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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