NEW CHHRN Mythbuster (Dec 15 2015): Working in Interprofessional Teams Increases Legal Liability...

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Our latest mythbuster has just been released! Some of the key messages include:

  • Liability concerns are a reported barrier to interprofessional collaboration, especially for doctors who believe they hold legal responsibility for the actions of other healthcare team members.
  • Canadian law does not support the notion that, based on statutory scope of practice alone, a doctor is legally liable for the acts of other regulated professionals.
  • For teams to function well, Canadian courts recognize that professionals must be able to rely on their colleagues to carry out their responsibilities within their scope of practice and meet the standards expected of their profession.
  • Practitioners working in interprofessional teams can reduce their liability risks by ensuring they communicate clearly with one another and the patient, document their actions, and have a common understanding about the roles and responsibilities of team members.

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