Innovations in HHR Planning

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The CHHRN partnered with the Health Council of Canada to initiate and populate a health human resources (HHR) innovations portal to showcase innovative approaches to health human resource issues. This was recently expanded to include innovations presented at the Canadian Heatlh Workforce Conference that was held in Ottawa in October 2014.  We highlight these innovations within the five key HHR themes of the Canadian Health Human Resources Network.

Innovation Name

Innovation Type



Aboriginal Community Health and Wellness Services: Journey to Wellness Program/Service Saskatchewan Summary (Link)
Aboriginal Day Withdrawal Program Program/Service Ontario Summary (Link)
Aboriginal Patient Navigator System Program/Service Ontario Summary (Link)
Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention Program/Service Ontario Summary (Link)
Accreditating Canadian Bridging Program for IENS Legislation/Policies National Summary (Link)
A Patient Partner Redefines the Flow of the Surgical Program at Montford Program/Service Ontario Summary (Link)
A Ratio of Staff-to-Patients Development of a New Indicator Method/Approach National Summary (Link)
Before it's Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors' Care Policy National Summary (Link)
Bundles as Culturally Safe Practices  Program/Service Ontario Summary (Link)
Cadre de Référence pour le Recrutement et la Rétention des Ressources Humaines Bilingues (Français et Anglais) en Santé Ontario Summary (Link)
Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Framework Guide/Framework Yukon Summary (Link)
Clinical Scenario-Based Planning Approach Method/Approach New Zealand

Summary (Link)

Publication (PDF)

Code Career Framework Guide/Framework Ontario

Info about framework (PDF)

Enhanced Standardization of Advanced Care Planning and EOL Care Guide/Framework Ontario

Summary (Link)

Info about EOL Tool (Link)

Franco Doc et le Développement des Ressources Médicales Francophones en Milieux Francophones Minoritaires National Summary (Link)
First Nation Cultural School Program/Service Saskatchewan School Website (link)
Future MD Canada Career Planning Tool Tool/Resource Ontario Summary(Link)
Geoportal of Minority Health Tool/Resource Ontario

Access (Link)

Webinar (Link)

Summary (Link)

Health Human Resource Strategy Program/Service Ontario Summary (Pdf)
Pursuit of a National Harmonized Approach to IEN Assessment for Licensure in Canada- The National Nursing Assessment Services  
Health Promotion Through Student's Projects with Vulnerable Populations Tool/Resource National Summary (Link)
ICES Method for Defining & Identifying Physicians in Comprehensive Primary Care Method/Approach Ontario Summary (Link)
Interdisciplinary Approach for Improving Resuscitation Outcomes in the Community Method/Approach Ontario Summary (Link)
Integrated Approach for Health Workforce Planning and Surge Capacity Method/Approach Nova Scotia Summary (Link)
Intelligent Clinical Home Monitoring- Respiratory Care Program/Service Quebec

Summary (link)

Leveraging Resources by Groups of Small Communities Models of Care Nova Scotia

Summary (Link)

Measuring Retirement: Impact of the Definition of Retirement on Estimated Retirement Age Method/Approache/Strategy National

Summary (Link)

Next in Line: Successful Board Succession Planning at Women's College Hospital Service Ontario

Summary (Link)

Nova Scotia Health Atlas Tool/Resource Nova Scotia

Access & Info (Link)

Nursing Staff Mix Decision-Making Framework Guide/Framework Ontario

Access (PDF)

Summary & Findings (Link)

Observe, Coach, Assist and Report (OCAR) Framework Guide/Framework Ontario

Summary (Link)

Power Point Presentation (Link)

Ontario Nursing Graduate Guarantee Legislation/Policies Ontario

Access & Info (Link)

Optmizing Nurse Deployment in Real-Time Using the Synergy Tool Tool/Resource National Summary (Link)
Optimizing Use of the Primary Health Care Dietitian Workforce Guide/Framework Ontario Summary (Link)
Pan-Canadian Physician Resources Planning Tool Tool/Resource Ontario Summary (Link)
Population Grouper Decision Support for Health Care and Policy Action Method/Approach National

Summary (Link)

Policy Options for Optimizing the Supply of Registered Nurses in Nova Scotia Legislation/Policies Nova Scotia

Abstract (Link)

Primary Health Bus Reaches Under-served Populations Service/Program Saskatoon

Summary (Link)

Priming the Leadership Pipeline Guide/Framework National

Summary (Link)

Psychosocial Team/Family Information and Support Centre Service/ Program British Colombia

Summary & handbook (PDF)

Public and Patient Engagement Evalulation Tool (PPEET) Tool/Resource Ontario


Pursuit of a National Harmonized Appraoch to IEN Assessment for Licensure in Canada- The National Nursing Assessment Services Service/Program National

Summary (Link)

Rapid Access Clinic for Endoscopy (RACE) Program/Service British Colombia

Summary & Findings (PDF)

Resource Utilization Data: How Can CIHI Help with Workforce Decisions in Long-Term and Home Care Tool/Resource Canada

Summary (Link)

Robust Workforce Modelling Framework Guide/Framework United Kingdom

Summary (Link)

Findings (Link)

Royal College Medical Workforce Knowledge Base Tool/Resource Ontario

Access & Info (Link)

Simulating Future Supply of and Requirments for HHR in High-Income OECD countries Models of Care International

Summary (Link)

SSF Framework for Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Human Resources (English and French) in the Health Sector Guide/Framework Ontario

Summary (Document)

Power Point

Stratégie dans le Domaine des Ressources Humaines du Mouvement Santé en Français Quebec

Summary (Link)

Stratégie d’intégration des notions de l’offre active des services de santé en français dans les programmes et les cours offerts par les établissements Quebec

Summary (Link)

The Clinical Coordination Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Services (UCCSPU) Service Quebec

Summary (link)

The Kaizen Method Service Quebec

Summary (PDF)

Tracking Canadian Post-Graduate Trainees into Initial Practice Tool/Resource National

Summary (Link)

Showcase your HHR planning innovations!

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Must be HHR related
  2. Must fall within one of the five HHR themes listed above
  3. Should fall into one or more of the following descriptions:

          a) Models of Care, Roles or Practices 

          b) Tools or Resources

          c) Guides or Frameworks

          d) Methods, Approaches or Strategies

          e) Programs or Services

          f) Legislation, Policies & Standards of Practice

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