Upcoming Fireside Chat: Building a Healthcare Human Resource Database Index

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Webinar # 1

TITLE: Building a Healthcare Human Resource Database Index: 5 Not-So-Simple Steps

DATE: June 5 2014

TIME: 1:00pm-2:00pm (EDT)

DESCRIPTION: Healthcare human resources is a pressing issue yet effective analysis and planning is hampered by lack of data sources.  And while there are data resources available the sources represent a wide range of disciplines and are often unknown by researchers in other fields.  The goal of the Canadian Healthcare Human Resource Network database index is to fill the knowledge gap; it is to act as a resource for researchers, decision and policy makers, to enable  by directing  them to data and other information sources that might inform their work.  The objective of this webinar is to describe the steps taken and the work involved in creating the index.



David N. Williams

Pediatic Physicians’

Organization at Children’s Hospital


David Williams is a senior biostatistician at the Pediatric Physician's Organization at Children's Hospital as well as a faculty member at the Harvard Medical School.  He completed his PhD in Population Health, with an emphasis on epidemiology and biostatistics, at the University of Ottawa in 2013.  His dissertation involved primary analysis of a large neonatal research database. He returned for his PhD after a career as a consultant in organizational change in healthcare, service and government organizations.  


 Who should attend:

This series is targeted to those interested in topics related to Health Human Resources including:

¨ Anyone that may be looked towards as a reference resource for HHR information

¨ Researchers  and research assistants

¨ HHR policy and decision-makers

The webinars have been designed as a series, but each session can be viewed independently.


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Health Canadacihr logo1This initiative has been generously funded by grants from Health Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the funders.