Knowledge Synthesis


Faced with critical and stubborn HHR issues, decision and policy makers across Canada are in need of ready access to the latest information about promising and innovative HHR policies and practices and the conditions necessary to scale these up. To begin to address this need, the Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network (CHHRN) was established.

CHHRN consists of a virtual network of national experts from research, professional, clinical, managerial and policy communities with expertise and interests related to HHR research, policy and planning. CHHRN gathers, shares and exchanges state-of-the-art HHR knowledge amongst researchers and decision-makers to support high quality evidence-informed policy development and implementation. CHHRN also enhances communication and knowledge exchange of inter-jurisdictional and international HHR planning issues and initiatives.

CHHRN has undertaken a series of national and regional consultations to inform the development of an interactive website and range of research, knowledge exchange and decision-making and implementation tools in five thematic areas: 1) needs-based, competency focused HHR planning; 2) models of health care delivery and scopes of practice; 3) mobility and migration; 4) rural, remote and aboriginal HHR and 5) quality of worklife.

Knowledge Syntheses and CHHRN's Mandate

The production of rigorous and systematic knowledge syntheses, which integrate and contextualize the findings from particular domains of research and identify promising practices for scale up, is a critical first step in the knowledge translation process.

CHHRN identified the importance of undertaking a series of knowledge syntheses, to not only inform policy and practice, but to also help map a research agenda within the four key thematic areas. These topics were identified from a number of HHR related reports, and also from the regional consultations

CHHRN undertook with its member researchers, professional stakeholders and policy-decision-makers.

Two other synthesis papers focus on the Feminization of the Physician Workforce and Internationally Educated Health Professionals.

Health Canadacihr logo1This initiative has been generously funded by grants from Health Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the funders.