Winnipeg free press (Aug 16): Ambulance changes much needed

On June 29, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced plans to transform Manitoba's emergency medical services system, based on recommendations from a comprehensive review completed more than four years earlier.

The 2013 Manitoba EMS System Review was authored by Reg Toews, a respected leader in Manitoba health-care planning and delivery, following extensive consultation with front-line paramedics, land and air ambulance service operators, regional health authorities, municipal and community leaders and many others.

The report concluded that Manitoba's EMS system was fragmented, with minimal co-ordination across the province, and should be reconfigured to ensure resources meet future service demands in a responsive and sustainable manner. That report was released publicly in 2013, recommending the realignment of EMS resources, and was widely accepted and supported by industry representatives and system stakeholders across the province.

Author: Eric Glass

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