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Diana An
An, Diana
Nursing Research Associate
International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre
Sten Ardal
Ardal, Sten
Naomi Armah
Armah, Naomi
Master of Nursing Student
College of Nursing
Francois Aubry
Aubry, Francois
Geoff Ballinger
Ballinger, Geoff
Physician Information
Andrea Baumann
Baumann, Andrea
Associate Vice-President, Global Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
Michael Beazely
Beazely, Michael
Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy
Cecilia Benoit
Benoit, Cecilia
Centre for Adddictions Research of BC & Sociology
Jeanne Besner
Besner, Jeanne
Not applicable
Sarah E. Boesveld
Boesveld, Sarah E.
Policy Analyst
Nursing and Health Policy
Roxane Borgès Da Silva
Borgès Da Silva, Roxane
Assistant Professor
Simon Brascoupe
Brascoupe, Simon
Glenn Brimacombe
Brimacombe, Glenn
Chief Executive Officer
Francois Chiocchio
Chiocchio, Francois
Telfer School of Management
Randy Clarke
Clarke, Randy
Regional Human Resources Consultant
HR Consulting Services
Laurie Clune
Clune, Laurie
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Faculty of Nursing
Kieran Cooley
Cooley, Kieran
Director of Research
Research & Clinical Epidemiology
Christine Covell
Covell, Christine
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Nursing
Lara Croll
Croll, Lara
Health Human Resource Analyst
Policy and Research
Matthew Crowson
Crowson, Matthew
Resident Physician Trainee
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

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