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Alexandra Harris
Harris, Alexandra
PhD Candidate
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Aman Hussain
Hussain, Aman
Assistant Professor
Kinesiology & Applied Health
Andrea Baumann
Baumann, Andrea
Associate Vice-President, Global Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
Arthur Sweetman
Sweetman, Arthur
Ontario Research Chair in HHR
Department of Economics
Audrey Laporte
Laporte, Audrey
Associate Professor of Health Economics
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
Babita Gupta
Gupta, Babita
Program Lead
Health Workforce Information
Boris Kralj
Kralj, Boris
Executive Director, Economics, Research & Analytics and Chief Analytics Officer
Brenda Dogbey
Dogbey, Brenda
PhD Candidate, Population Health
Institute of Population Health
Carla Tilley
Tilley, Carla
PhD Candidate
Carlos Quinonez
Quinonez, Carlos
Associate Professor
Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry
Carole O'Beirne
O'Beirne, Carole
Chan Kulatunga-Moruzi
Kulatunga-Moruzi, Chan
Scientist, Physician Assistant Education Program,Assistant Professor
Program for Educational and Research Development, Department of Family Medicine
Chardé Morgan
Morgan, Chardé
Senior Analyst
Physician Information
Christine Covell
Covell, Christine
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Nursing
Christine Nielsen
Nielsen, Christine
Office of ED
Chuck Shields
Shields, Chuck
Cindy Cruickshank
Cruickshank, Cindy
Executive Director
Health System Workforce Branch
Damilola Iduye
Iduye, Damilola
School of Nursing
Danielle Frechette
Frechette, Danielle
Executive Director
Office of Health Systems Innovation and External Relations
Diana An
An, Diana
Nursing Research Associate
International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre

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