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Minimum Data Standard Partner Dialogues

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June 18th (1-3pm)

June 27th (11am-1pm)

The CIHR funded CHWN health workforce minimum data standard (MDS) team is excited to share with our partners from regulatory authorities, professional associations and unions, employers and educators the most recent version of the MDS and other recent developments and to discuss how we can best support partners in its adoption.

An enhanced health workforce MDS purpose-built for planning and decision-making is critical. Embedding a common set of required data and coordinating data collection across professions, sectors and jurisdictions may be challenging but is essential to a responsive health system. Enhanced standardized data would enable more integrated health workforce planning, allowing for the production of plans that reflect more optimized allocation of services across the full range of available workers.

For more details on this project, please visit our Minimum Data Standard page.